Saturday, June 20, 2009

Getting there...

Here it the Collina della Formica after the exterior has been base-coated using an old (expendable!) brush and half a pot of Ceramcoat's mudstone.

And again, after drybrushing and highlighting.

I shall soldier on! The interior will be a royal pain to paint but I'm anxious to get started on it.

I see that Scarab Miniatures has released some Chauchat LMG teams and a Hotchkiss MG or the French, along with some VB rifle grenadiers which is very good news.

I've also been slowly working on the garrison, experimenting with paint shades trying to find the best combination of colours for the Austro-Hungarians. I'm working on these in between working on my War of the Austrian Succession collection, so no pictures yet.


A quick update:

There was a thread on mountain warfare on TMP, and someone linked to this site on how to make easy and practical mountains for wargaming. Owes a lot to theatre scenery it seems, but the idea is simply great and I can now see a way to make a suitable- and usable- backdrop to the Collina della Formica!


  1. It's looking really good so far!

    Good to hear about the Scarab French as no-one else seems to do figures with VB launchers.

  2. Great work and Lon has mentioned that French infantry with grenade launchers are coming out soon.

    Let us know please how you get on with colours for your AH.


  3. Very nice scenery for an intriguingly different period. Have you read John Biggins' "A Sailor of Austria" novels? The third one in the series is all about this campaign.