Sunday, April 12, 2009

More WIP pics

Spent the afternoon working on the stonework again. These were cut into the surface of the papier-mâché. I like how they came out.

I also used a sheet of thin card to cut out the stonework for the trench mortar emplacement. Looks rather like ceramic bathroom tile in this picture, but I will give it wash of PVA/filler "goo" to soften the edges.   All will be hidden under a coat of paint later anyway.

The top "decking" between the ruined walls will get the same treatment. I will add a hatch to the floor to represent access to the MMG pit below.

Another day or so with the trench interiors, then I will begin work on the walls.  About another week to go and it will be ready for painting!


  1. While I'm not a skirmish 'gamer, I like what you are doing here. nice stuff..


  2. Thank you! Generally I have never done much skirmish gaming, but this kind of warfare seems to cry out for such an approach.

    TFL's "The Mud and the Blood" rules make for kind of a "large" skirmish game, with sixty to a hundred minis a side, so it should still provide for a lot of spectacle.