Monday, April 20, 2009

Tre Sassi

Lots of goodies due here in Tokyo this week through the post.

I've ordered both French and Austro-Hungarian minis from Scarab Miniatures, including an observation, AA and MMG team for the fort garrison. Also on their way are a bunch of round 25mm bases from
Litko Aerosystems, and three boxes (eighteen metres worth!) of barbed wire from Antenociti's Workshop.


on the Collina Della Formica continues apace. I spent the last few days on the laborious- and totally unexciting- task of modelling the stone effect in the trenches and and on the walls. A mix of techniques, but the effect is pretty good.

Now I have to finish texturing the inside walls with a few think coats of filler to blend in the card and balsa "stonework", and then I'll glue down the larger walls.

After filling in any gaps I'll add the emplacement covers and doors, then it is pretty much a matter of painting.


A large part of the inspiration behind this is the
Festung Tre Sassi, an Austro-Hungarian fort built in 1897 near Cortina.

Here in 1916,

...and as seen today. What a beautiful place to have to be fighting a war!

When the Italians declared war in 1915, the Austrians actually decided to withdraw from their line of forts in the Dolomites to a line further back from the border, and used the mountains themselves- to great effect- as natural fortresses for the Italians to have to attack.

There appears to be a good
museum at the Tre Sassi that I'd love to visit if I ever get to that corner of Europe.

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