Sunday, March 15, 2009

The "Collina della Formica" takes shape!

Stage two. The foam had a chance to dry overnight, so I commenced the work of shaping the basic outline with a hand-held jigsaw and a sharp cutter knife. Only two slight cuts to a finger and a wrist abrasion, so given my past record of self-mutilation with such things I'm doing well.

The view above is from the front. It looks rather too "regular" in shape right now, but it really is only a core at this stage. It should look quite a bit more imposing as time goes on. I will be carving gullies and adding overhangs and talus cones later, when I mount it on a larger wooden baseboard. I kept the offcuts as I can use these later to make the whole thing look a lot craggier .

The "Collina della Formica" (The Anthill) from the back. I carved a track leading up to what will be the floor level of the trenches. I'm waiting for a selection of the Kallistra trenches which I just ordered today, and will glue them on top of the "plateau". I'll then build up the "rock" in an irregular pattern so that it comes up to the level of the trench parapets.

An Alpini-eye view from what will be the foot of the hill. The whole thing measures about 50cm x 30cm, and will be about 75mm high at least.

I don't envy the men who will be tasked with taking it, but what with Brigade Games' new Italian Trench Mortar model and a sympathetic scenario, they may stand a chance! I'll be adding a number of smaller rocky outcrops and sangars for cover, and if that is not enough, I have heard rumours that Italeri does a Caproni CA-3 bomber in 1/48th scale...

Not much I can do now with it until I get the Kallistra order, but I have French to work on and my first order of Austro-Hungarians from Scarab Miniatures should be here by the end of the week, so lots of other things for me to do on this project.

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