Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Rocky Road...

Work continues apace. I've added goops of putty and sculpted like mad. I really enjoyed this part of the project (if not the cleaning up afterwards)! I will have a walk down by the Tama River here in Tokyo later today and collect some rocks and pebbles to use as boulders.

It really is starting to look imposing!

Now comes the trenches and MMG emplacement. This will take a little time, but I'll take it in stages.

Scarab Miniatures are releasing their French in the coming month. When they do, I'll place an order for the Austrian communications set as well, along with the first of my Italians. I've also got some interesting books lined up that I'm going to order from a number of sources, cash flow permitting.

In the meantime, I've got some interesting reading on the Italian campaign to do on the 'net, thanks to some useful links sent to me by Chris Stoesen. Thanks, Chris!

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  1. No problems. Let me know what you think of the stuff I have sent you so far.