Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sturmtruppen Platoon

I'm told patience is a virtue, and I've been forcing myself to wait at least 48 hours before I continue working on the terrain so that the PVA has time to dry thoroughly first. While waiting, I've been working on cleaning up and preparing the first of the Scarab minis for painting, starting with the Sturmtruppen of IR 14, and with a Schwarzloze machine gun in support.

I'm finding information on Austro-Hungarian small unit organization somewhat elusive, but I've ordered a book on the subject
here (as well as a campaign history of the British contingent). Gleaning what I can so far it seems that Austro-Hungarian organization was based on multiples of four, with an 8-man squad being the basic building block.

I've put together the organization chart below for the
Sturmtruppen platoon, but it may change as I get more information. Noneheless, it gives me a good idea on how to build up my forces for Through the Mud and the Blood. Click on image to enlarge.


  1. Nice to see someone doing a blog on such an interesting subject - I have some Scarab figs yet to paint up to join with the rather large Stosstrupp unit I have of Germans. How do the 28mm figs sit in the trench sections - ie are the reasonably high trenches - nothing worse than seeing trenches that come to figures' waists

  2. The Scarab figures fit nicely in the Kallistra trenches, about eye level for the ones standing erect. But of course if you are mounting them on thicker bases that will raise the height.

    In order to give the trenches the same "look" as the terrain for the Collina della Formica, I'm thinking not only of texturing the surface of the trenches, but also of adding card or wood revetments with epoxy putty sandbags on top of the Kallistra trenches, which will certainly end up hiding the miniatures completely in the trench.