Thursday, March 19, 2009

Supply train arrives!

Things are moving along nicely. Today I don't have to go to the office until late afternoon, so I had the chance to pay a visit to the local hardware supplier and bought myself some sheets of insulation board as well as some MDF sheet for the base

When I got home, I was thrilled to find that my first packs of Scarab Miniatures Austro-Hungarians had arrived- less than a week since I ordered them. 

And they are very nice too!  They are extremely clean castings, and there is just the right amount of caricature that I want in skirmish figures without going overboard.  So far, I am really, really impressed and can't wait to get started on painting them.

The stalhelms immediately stand out as being particularly well done, and there are some impressive moustaches amongst these fellows!

More on the weekend, as I will get them based and primed and work more on the Collina della Formica.

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