Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kallistra trenches come through!

After no more than a week since I ordered them, I was pleased to find a large- but light- packet arrive at the doorstep today.   My set of modular trench works from Kallistra, and quite pleased I am with it, too. 

Moulded in tough hard plastic, the pieces are quite a lot larger than I had imagined, but not overly so and there is plenty of room for minis. The trenches themselves look great. Lots of scope for extra detailing, as the interiors are somewhat basic.

I don't mind that in the least, as I like the modelling aspect and want them to match the other terrain pieces I'll be using in texture and appearance. I also have a piece that comes with a large bay for artillery pieces, or to model some bunkers.

I may well get some more sections, as I have already enough for more than one line of works with which to face the
Collina della Formica. A second line with some communication trenches linking them could look really great on the tabletop.

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