Saturday, March 28, 2009

Things start getting Nasty...

...for any potential attackers!

Today I bought some balsa wood, and sat down to make the bunker for the MMG emplacement. Basically just a balsa box big enough to hold a Schwarzloze stand.

And here it is set in place. I will tidy up the corners when it is thoroughly dry, glue it in place, and blend it in to the baseboard with some foam off-cuts and putty. Then I'll add a few internal details, such as a steel door in the back of the bunker through which the inhabitants can scurry should they detect the approach of a flamethrower team.

And again, seen with the roof placed on top. The roof will of course be detachable, and it will be protected with logs on top as I remember seeing in a photo of a fortification somewhere during the Caporetto offensive.

Finally, a video of the wicked beast that dwells within. I couldn't find any videos of a Schwarzloze in action, but here is a German Maxim 08/15 machine gun, the Grim Reaper of Spandau.

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